My last and final post…

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I put that title cuz im quitting WordPress. I’m quitting because I have to do more work and projects as a 8th grader. Also I have a lot of better things to do in my life and im getting kinda old too, still do this cuz im almost 14 and im cant update my site anymore. I’m also starting to play guitar and/or drums soon so im gonna be practicing them/it a lot cuz well im probably the only boy who will ever admit this but im doing that cuz I do like Justin Bieber yea there I said it……yea hes kinda like my role model lol. But im not a crazy fan like most ppl u know who u r lol. So bye guys… I still play cp but not as much soo yeaa…

Goodbye and Farewell…



Club Penguin Holiday Party 2009

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Merry Christmas guys! Is everyone on holidays right now? ‘Cause I am! Today is the launch of the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2009! Below is a quick walkthrough and some cheats from the party. 🙂


We start out with the homepage of Club Penguin. It’s fully decorated with a Christmas Theme! In addition, the usual light blue sky have turned to an “aurora” like night time sky! I really like the night time sky, don’t you think?

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Happy77 asks screenhog about coins!

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Hot topic? Coins For Change! Everyone’s getting really stoked about it, and penguins all over the island are looking for ways to celebrate. There are lots of things you can do to help – one of the ways is to donate coins. I’d thought I’d get some ideas from Screenhog who knows lots about coins – and other stuff, too.

Q: Can you tell us any game secrets so we can collect coins faster?

A: There are games where bringing a certain color puffle will help you! There’s also the challenge of getting through Jet Pack Adventure without earning a single coin. There’s a big reward if you can do it.


Q: Any suggestions for penguins who want to do extra things to celebrate the season?

A: Well, Coins For Change is such a good time for helping others, so I’d suggest helping other penguins. Maybe if you see new penguins, give a tour! If someone’s looking for the pin, help them out. (Pssst… the in-pay is in the orest-Fay!)

Q: Are there other ways for penguins to celebrate Coins For Change?

A: There are lots of things you and your friends and family can do to make a difference for other people around the world! Volunteering some time is a good place to start. Let us know your ideas.


Christmas Party Update

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The big Christmas Party will go from December 18th – 27th and we wanted to show you something that we hope you’ll like…


What do you think? We’ll have more details about the party soon!

It’s pretty busy on the island – Everyone seems to be getting geared up for the holidays! Check out what’s coming up this week:

  • Coins for Change will begin – start saving!
  • New Postcards – with a Christmas surprise!
  • Rockhopper arrives with the Treasure Hunt game!
  • New catalogs – Holiday igloo stuff!


Coins For Change Coming!

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Every year we hear from you guys about how much you love participating in Coins For Change. The 3rd annual Coins For Change program will go from December 11th – 20th and we’re gearing up to celebrate how contributing (in big or small ways) can help to change the world!



Coins For Change is all about playing games to earn coins… and then donating coins at stations around the island. Every donation of coins in Club Penguin means you’ll be helping decide how a 1 million dollar donation will be divided. This year the categories are: helping kids who are poor, helping kids who are sick, and helping the environment. And this year, there’ll be some new ways to donate and celebrate – including a benefit concert at the Lighthouse!!


Keep checking for Rockhopper because his arrival will kick off the celebrations!! And he’ll bring some rare items that’ll make it possible to donate coins right inside your igloo…


Sneek Peak(&You Decide)

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You guys are doing a great job keeping the island safe. You’ve been asking about Mission 11 and I can tell you the team’s working hard to make it really exciting. Since it’s being developed right now, we were actually hoping that you’d be able to help us decide on some stuff that’ll go into the Mission!!


Check out these glasses… Would you help us decide which pair you’d like to be able to earn in Mission 11? You’ve got 3 options – Just click on number that matches the pair you like best!!

If you can see this, your browser doesn’t understand IFRAME tags 1

Also… The team’s busy working on something kinda secret and we wanted to give you a sneak peek of someone who’s gonna be helping Agents in the future… We’ll have more info on this coming in December.

Sneakpeek.jpg ~Jcp52608~

Sneak Peek!

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The game officially launches November 24th and the island’s heating up!! I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek into what the new ninja fire journey might have in store for you… This is from one of the new power cards:
What do you think? Also, You’ve asked – and along with a lot of ninja toys (including soft Limited Edition Penguins and Mix ‘N Match figures), we’ve got more Card-Jitsu Trading Cards available in stores!


Inside the new tins (including the Card-Jitsu Fire Sensei Collector tin) there’s a sheet so you can check off the Trading Cards that you’ve got!! The cards are available now at a lot of places including Target, Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Disney Stores. You can also get them online at – and the CP Online Shop starting November 24th.


Reviewed By You!

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Last week you told us about your favorite snowy sport and we loved what Pingu73000 said:

my favourite winter sport is sledging because its so fun and you can race against your friends,i also like snowballing because your friends can join in that to because you can get into teams and have a hot choclate at the end of the game.

The cool weather celebrations get started November 27th in the Ski Village!

In the meantime, the ninja construction is causing its own kind of celebrations at the new Fire Dojo! We want to know what your favorite Card-Jitsu card of all time is – and why!!

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment! We’ll post one (50 – 75 words please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!


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